Thursday, November 8, 2007


If it's free, then it's for me. There is an article in this weeks Village Voice, or was it last weeks Village Voice, titled "Best Free Yoga". Free you say, where do I sign? I could use one of those yoga gurus and some free stress relief in this stress laden town and I am forever trying to figure out ways how to do that for free. So maybe I can add Yoga to the People to my list of free yoga places to go and make my way over there to St. Marks Place in my attempt to destress and do the whole yoga route for free and ohm my way to bliss and nirvana. And what is yoga anyway, that great new agey, spiritual, meditation, relaxation, holistic healing thing that can be great for exercise and breathing and where I find myself chanting "Ohmmm.., I have debt of a bazillion dollars and how am I gonna pay it back and how will this class help me ohmmm....". And why does yoga sound like Yahweh? Or does it. Does it lead nirvana or the head of Christ or something. That could be a whole another blog posting. Ohm Shanti.
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