Saturday, November 3, 2007

An Ode To Blogging

Okay, so now I am not so sure if I want to keep singing that Ode To Blogging song anymore because maybe I may be singing my way into an ode of debt in my attempt to blah blog my way to riches. I have been singing about that Ode to blogging Google page rank thing for a while now, so much that instead of that Google page rank of a hundred that I dreamed of, I now find this blog having a Google page rank of a negative one hundred or something like that. Seems to be according to the tons of blog postings that I have read just today alone, that Google and the Google Gods may be putting everyone whose websites are attempting to advertise and link build their way to riches and search engine heaven out of a day job or something like that. And I have even placed one of those Disclosure Policies on this page in an attempt to drive Dracula away from the door. Where will I go to find that fourth day job now that this blogs page rank has decreased. An ode to blogging, I am not so sure if I want to sing that song anymore. Have a great blogging day.
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