Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Party Time

Hey Bloggers, I am not exactly sure for what reason I am reposting this event. Oh, that's why, it's less writing to post events sometimes. So this event arrived in my email inbox today and I think I even went to one of their rooftop parties some time ago. And this party is in Bushwick, that extension of East Village, Berlinsburg, Billyburg, Williamsburg and yet to be gentrified and genocided part of Brooklyn that reaches so far as the Jefferson avenue stop on the L train as far as I remember, with the exception of those lofts that are located there. New York City, it is ever changing. And I guess the only thing constant is change. So if you happen to be in this part of town, this may be a great event worth checking out. Have a great party day.

D&S Knitwear Loft, 97 Wyckoff 2nd floor, Saturday, December 1st, 7pm-till we drop. And it's FREE!

Greetings and Salutations! Winter is upon us, and before the weather becomes too painful, we're firing up the Collision Machine for this season's final evening of spectacular art, dance, performance and music. As always, this is a free event, so bring your friends, neighbors and your art lovin? granny. The evening begins inside the 3500 sq ft D&S Knitwear loft with painting, drawing, collage and video installation. The evening wraps with a brilliant collection of bands playing the spectrum from creative and melodious to funkin? and rockin?. Plus guest DJ?s spinning funk, hip hop and the occasional record from the vault, for dancing till you drop.

Art By:

Alec Strasser, Violet Shuraka, Jake Scharbach, Emily Hunt, Heather Morgan, Marina Masic, Ebs, Diana Sabreen,

Music by:

Nica (afternoon folk chanteuse), D.O.V., Heavy Creatures, Creaky Boards, Aeroplane Pageant


DJ Coop, DJ Wave

With a special dance performance by Kelly Buwalda.
There will also be a $10 open bar for those who choose to imbibe, including our special blend of ?Hello Winter? hot mulled wine, and a delicately chilled house beer. Of course, those who find little or no satisfaction in the house beverage offerings are welcome to bring their own libation of choice. That means, if you don't like our bar, bring your drink your own damn self.

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