Monday, November 19, 2007

Rank This Blog?

Okay, so I find myself wondering again if I should keep singing that Ode To Blogging song as I have found myself singing so many times in the past. And I am not sure if I should continue singing it because I may be singing myself an Ode To Debt. As I was MyBlogLoging the other day, someones post caught my eye again. And this time their comment read, "Has your blog been effected by the Google page rank update?". And so the story goes, I can no longer quit my day job as I once dreamed of and I may find myself looking for a fifth day job as a result of that Google page rank update the other day. Is this Armageddon, the end of the world. Is this the end of the web 2.0 user generated content pay you to blog blogger world, or at least the attempt to blah blog your way to riches world? Is the Internet broken now or something. Is there life thereafter the Internet, and what was life like before the invention of the Internet. I tried a couple of weeks ago to post that disclosure policy on this blog in an attempt to drive Dracula away from the door and I am not sure if that is working because now instead of that Google page rank of a thousand that I once dreamed of, this blog now has a Google page rank of negative one thousand. And should I continue to use the words "this is a sponsored post" or not, I am not sure. What do I say anymore in my attempt to blah blog my way to riches? Is this that Pluto or Saturn in action with that season of change thing again, and what kind of change is this world undergoing, if any. And what song do I sing now, as I am not so sure if I should keep singing that Ode To Blogging song I once sang before. Have a great blogging day.
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