Monday, August 27, 2007

The Howl is Back!

Hey Bloggers, if you are in the neighborhood, there is a full page ad in this weeks New York Press. We're back! Howl! 2007. FEVA presents September 5-9, 2007 centered in East Villages, Lower East Side Tompkins Square Park for free. An event not to be missed.

MOBY, ChiChi Valenti and Johnny Dynell's Lowlife, Felice Rosser & Faith, Rene Risque, the Art Lovers, Heavy Trash, DJ Spooky, Richard West's Melange, Urban Word, Akim Funk Buddha, Judith Malina and The Living Theatre, Waldos, Crosby/Miz Metro/Alex Cowings, Skin God, Vision Jazz Fest with music by music by William Parker, Charles Gayle, Rob Brown, Sabir Mateen, Roy Campbell & Lewis Barnes, Jason Kao Hwang, Gerald Cleaver and Patricia Nicholson. Urban Gypsy Circus, Hattie's A Salute To Black Lips, Alien Comic, Keiko Bonk, Fire Flies, Ravens and Chimes, David Amram, Paper & Sand, Robert La Fosse, Dean Johnson, Middle Collegiate Choir, MM Serra's Avante Garde(N)s, Angel Orensanz, Fusion Arts Museum, A Gathering of the Tribes, Bowery Poetry Club, Nyorican Poet's Cafe, Pianos, LES Girl's Club, EVCC, The Living Room, Crash Mansion, Rapture Cafe, Comix Thinktank, Performance Art, LIT, Rock and M/F Punk Panels, Manhattan Samba, Hungry March Band, kidrock, The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Festival with Taylor Mead, John Giorno, The Mayhem Poets, Poetry Drill Team "4 Minute Howl" led by poet Gary Glazner, Stacy Szymaszek, Bob Holman, Danny Shot, Amy Ouzoonian, Chavisa Woods, Paolo Javier, Rachel Levitsky, Filip Marinovich. The Bowery Poetry Club Art Auction with auctioneer Marguerite Van Cook featuring works by Paul Pope, Donald Baechler, Peggy Cyphers, Steven Lack, Kiki Smith, Mike Bidlo, Marguerite Van Cook, James Romberger, ArturoVega, Mark Enger, Matt Enger, Riki Colon, David Pushkin, David West, Jack Natz, Gibby Haynes, John Ahearn, Thom Corn. A Chorus of Poets: (The) Desiccate Ablution: directed by Butch Morris and much more!
The Federation of East Village Artists (FEVA) 4th Annual celebration of the arts. Five days of dance, music, performance, poetry and writing. And if the Howl Festival is still selling that Howl Souvenir Book, check it out. It has a great history of the neighborhood.
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