Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thoof It

Thoof? What is Thoof? And what is Thoofing? Is that like goof, goofy and goofing? Well, the word Thoof sounds like it could be some sort of verb, an action word. And instead of sitting here writing about Thoofing, let me take a look at the website to learn more. Oh, Thoof is a website that offers a service for personalized news. Their website has all user generated content and I am a fan of social media and web 2.0 user generated content websites these days as the web 2.0 user generated content websites to be found on the Internet these days are endless. Web 2.0 rocks. Users at the Thoof community can personalize their articles, collaboratively edit articles and rank links to other articles and blog entries, the community can then vote on the editorial changes. This site almost sounds like a version of Digg and even Wikipedia to me. Their site has the Thoof Rank Badge where one can rank good or popular articles with the "thoof it" button. Users can submit stories from other websites with this button that they think are interesting by adding the link, title, summary and tags of the story. You can even submit a post from your own site to theirs to see how popular it is and their site also seems to know how to read your mind to figure out what stories you prefer to read and what stories you do not find interesting; interesting. Thoof seems to be a recently started website. If you are a newsaholic, one can thoof off all day long and night at their website. This is a sponsored post.

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