Sunday, January 12, 2014

How The Other Half Lives

Okay so I could be blaghing about that #Bridgegate scandal that happened the other day but instead I find myself blaghing about what if such and such a magazine were to see these photos of hair, makeup and wardrobe posted above on this blog, well there's only two photos posted, they might be wondering how did these photos find themselves posted on this blog while they went out to lunch the other day. When in fact, to blagher me, these are photos of how the other half lives. And these are photos of a retro look in this old house with like ten different designer clothing outfit changes that left real Sensationnel Premium Now Premium Quality 100% Human Hair style/color EUROSTR16 Color 613 hair all over the place and the smell of hair spray still hanging in the air days later. And it was a this is probably as close as I'll get to a behind the how the other half lives look at scenes of a fashion photo shoot in, at and around a house, for one of those Vogue like magazines, literally Vogue and all things subsidiary Vogue itself, for what I over heard will be a ten page spread of a model in her retro outfits in this old house. And in between hair and make up that wants a whole room unto itself, hiding out of the way and listening to how the other half lives, fumey hair spray, designer clothing that wants a whole another room unto itself and the smell of hair spray everywhere, everyone flying from country to country for their photo shoots, even tomorrow. No one even knows where they're at now, only just somewhere in New Jersey.... dang.
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