Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Occupy Art Show @ Bowery Poetry Club



And I find myself recycling that Occupy Art blog post on this blog on this blogging day. And so that Occupy Art Show @ Bowery Poetry took place a couple of days ago, freezing artic weather, snowstorm and all. And today finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 900 and something again, I think..... And Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast. And so what else is there that I can Occupy Art say about an Occupy Art Show at Bowery Poetry with all of its poetry readings, that has not already been said in an Occupy Art time, except that it seems to have been an Occupy Art Show of a night as in those photos and videos that find themselves posted above. And thanks to Bowery Poetry Club for letting Occupy Art in NYC present this show, and thanks to Occupy Wall Street, Nonsense NYC, Jenny Gonzalez Blitz and others for listing this event, Slum Goddess for one of those photos that finds itself posted above, Fly for her zine table, everyone who made it out to perform, Occupy Art open mic and all, for live streaming that event and Galinsky for hosting the night. Occupy Art was here again. Occupy Art Worldwide.

Ditto.... a few hours later.  And I just came across this following passage on someones Facebook page regarding that Bowery Poetry Club Occupy Art night. And that post seems as if it wants to be in this blog post also.

"Went to a lovely local venue tonight, which had been known for its many radical performers and events, often performance free-for-alls, at once time zines and an adjective anarchist cafe upstairs, the reliable graffiti'd downstairs .. it was a remainder (more than a reminder) of what a (good) anarchic city performance space should be ..
the building was declared a historic landmark, I think, but was refurbished somehow .. I've heard that they do burlesque and other performances there that nobody that I know can afford to casually attend; they have proper dining tables with candles; the wallpaper is decorated with faux-classical sculptural images, the downstairs area is quite pristine, and there is an ironic satyr statue wearing a mardi gras mask in the front, near a vase of pretty flowers ~ they apparently have one night out of the week where they can be "old school," and it was apparently tonight - friends were there, anarchists agreeing with one another, amongst the proper dining tables and decor

I'm glad that there is "something left," but more and more the dirty troves of information, even from the 1999-past few years eras, seem to be legendary

Sometimes I have dreams of running into dirtily lit stores with torn-up couches and hardcore music downstairs, literally

- not as often as dreams of traveling to small towns in upstate new york, to the midwest .. even to dirt roads in third world countries, and then digging through drawers of antique and collectibles stores looking for books. I don't know why, but it seems as through the dreams are connected, somehow"

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