Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Headline News Again

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 461.  And Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together, those global revolution of a movements, are still moving fast. And it also finds itself a day before that Mayan Calendar End Of The World Countdown thing, and a few days after that unfortunate Connecticut School Shooting that has since ignited the issue of gun control and gun violence and has spawned online groups such as Occupy The NRA. And so I find myself attempting to find something to blog about on this day in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible and also when that Google page rank update wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job. And so I find myself pulling out this vanilla folder stuffed with torn out newspaper clippings of headlines from months and I think even years ago that I once thought that I would blog about on this blog that never happened. And so I attempt to I guess mini blog those headline news clippings without commentary as if to rewind headline news time with headlines that read something like as follows in an attempt to just put this stack of news clippings away again:

1.  College students targeted in online music piracy crackdown.
2.  Take Out the Plastic and Kill it.
3.  National Guard will help protect PATH. hugh????
4.  Workers blast city's Big Brother scheme....Something about an electronic payroll system.
5.  1 in 100 adults behind bars in U.S. prison population.
6.  Outsider Art Fair.
7.  E-waste wave heads for city....Something about televisions switching from analog to digital.
8.  Back to school.  Still coping, many Virginia Tech students return to campus.
9.  A Warning to the World.  Frogs in Danger.
10.  Van kills 2 kids in Chinatown.....  Can someone change the laws in New York City to where pedestrians and cyclists are not treated as disposable roadkill when an automobile kills them and drivers are not penalized or even given a parking ticket.
11.  Gov urges gun ban for violent mental patients.....How about urging a gun ban for every human being on planet earth.
12.  Bored? Tired of going to the same old places.  Try This! Rent a .22 Caliber Rifle...Safety Lessons Included. Such and such Rifle and Pistol Range located in New York City with an ad in a local New York City newspaper.... hugh??? can someone please banish all of these gun stores located in North America. 
13.  flavor of the week. Slim to None. Such and such gets a divorce and a veggie burger-all for less than $40.
14.  Big Bang re-created.
15.  Post-election Iran divided.
16.  Clinton Hill.  Fight for convent's site.
17.  Columbia debates old ROTC ban.....ROTC sucks, to be trained for war in schools.
18.  Police give out stop and frisk cards....Can someone do away with this stop and harass thing.
19.  Reality Bikes.  The masses take it to the streets for the Fourth Annual Memorial Ride and Walk.
20.  Cameras on street curb crime, NYPD says. 
21.  Injustice Behind Bars....Something about USA PATRIOT ACT and ICE.
22.  WHO:  Dangerous change is coming....Something about poverty, disease and climate change.
23.  FDA allows irradiation of some produce. 
24.  The greenest choice you'll ever make....Something about hybrid cars and light bulbs.
25.  City told to stop digging up graves in park rehab.
26.  The Bag Lady of Billburg:  Eighty percent of the bottles clogging our streets are for water.  Stop drinking bottled water.
27.  Whiting Out the Ads, but at What Cost?  The developer of Adblock Plus estimates that it has about 2.5 million users.
28.  Newton Creek Oil Spill, Greenpoint....Not sure for what reason that one is scribbled on some piece of paper.
29.  Something about kids who are not vaccinated can not go to school.
30.  Some flyer with the website on it.
31.  For Love of Water...Something about the whole idea of paying for water.
32.  A Month Without Shopping.  Or How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate Credit Cards.
33.  Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself?  Of Bears, Bees and Deadly Mosquitoes.
34.  Planes, Trains or Automobiles?  Transportation Alternatives in the Face of Peak Oil.
35.  The Planet is Saved!  Well, Not Really.  5 Things We Learned This Year....And 5 More for '08.
36.  Reconditioning.  Air conditioning contributes to global warming through both energy consumption and the inevitable release of refrigerants.
37.  A Lifetime of Misery. Animal Circuses:  Are they really worth it? The Greatest Show on Earth?  Think again.... the circus you are supporting severely abuses their animals.  Such and such a circus is hell on earth for the animals.
38.  For what reason are all of those ads in the back of weekly newspapers for pharmaceutical companies?  Psychiatry Kills.
39.   For what reason does Penn Station and Port Authority Bus Terminal seem like a war zone with polizei in camouflage with dogs and machine guns as if awaiting world war four and one is supposed to pretend that they cannot get killed by some guy standing next to them with a machine gun. Guns are the worst invention ever.  If only guns could be banished from every human being on planet earth.
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