Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Mill Creek Marsh Trip

Well that was pretty neat to find myself on one of those unexpected ten minute day trips to Mill Creek Marsh today after running into a friend at the supermarket with one of those cars that she could drive to this infamous dumping ground oasis that finds itself in the middle of Secaucus, New Jersey Meadowlands. And that place was like a trip to the country in the middle of the city with the skyline of Manhattan as its background and the smell of sulphur around it that comes from somewhere. And it was a great excuse to grab that camera out of the closet to get a whole five photos out of it before the camera batteries died to post those photos that find themselves posted above. And seeing those white cedar stumps in the swamp in person that I have read about on the internet, on that one and a half mile Mill Creek Marsh nature trail was nature trail interesting. And where does that sulphur smell that finds itself around this Mill Creek Marsh come from. And this marsh still bears witness to the aftermath of hurricane Sandy with its multitude of trees that have fallen and lay on the ground. Oh, and then there's Hoffa. Where are you.
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