Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Small Business

The Author of this post is Delmar Bailey

Running a small business is hard, hard work, more so than anyone even says it is. It’s a labor of love if you’re doing something you want to be doing like I am but still, it’s hard when you’ve got to work 80 hour weeks just to keep up, especially in the beginning. I own a small golf shop and since it’s my passion it hardly ever feels like work but it’s tough on the nights when I have to stay late doing inventory or researching bank card processing options, you know? I miss my family a good bit but the living I provide for us all now is something to be proud of and I know my sons are going to want to take this place over one day. I really feel like I’m building a future for my family and I’m so thankful the economy hasn’t totally put us out of business, although it’s been a rough couple of years. It’s nice being my own boss though, no matter what other challenges are thrown my way!AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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