Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Monument

And the memory of you is forgotten. Okay, and so it's another one of those days where I find myself at a loss of blogger words in that bloggers block land that wants to find itself visiting me every so often on this blog in that attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever possible in that web 2.0 user generated content social media era. So much that I find myself posting this blog entry that found itself on this blog some time a while ago, because hey, it's less writing sometimes. I think.

What happens when a monument is destroyed and something else is put in its place? What happens when a landmark building is destroyed and another building is put in its place? What happens when whole communities are torn down and another community is put in its place. What happens with the destruction of old, historical buildings to create new and more modern buildings. Does this type of thing happen everywhere around the world these days. Is New York real estate a reflection of the world of real estate? I was watching that film "New York: A Documentary" the other day, and part of the film described how Robert Moses destroyed and built New York. The film discussed urban renewal, urban removal, urban development, urban sprawl and the displacement of people from their homes for the development of highways and cars, as cars were seen as more important or economical than people or something. And then there was the destruction of old New York for a more newer, modern New York City in this film also. And people, their community and their thoughts did not matter. Only the developers, construction engineers and money seemed to matter. Was, is this a profit before people thing or something. And there are a few emails that are in my inbox this week with the subject "Save Washington Square Park" and "Rally to save Washington Square Park". And what happens when a historical monument, landmark structure is destroyed and replaced with another structure. Is this a reflection and representation of the city and real estate market as a whole. The destruction and construction of property for money or urban renewal or something. And who profits from this. As I saw in that film the other day, New York is ever changing. Whether that change is good or bad I am not sure. I am only sure that the only thing constant is change. And then there is CBGB"s and a host of other places that have disappeared to gentrification, genocide, or just plain change of times or other things in the end of an era. Babylon, Bael babble on. And what does this have to do with a No Police State.
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Always follow that money trail...sometimes it's tough, but if you're careful, you'll sniff out the corruption.


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aginsky.peasouper said...

it is sad no doubt. Cross from Stanton St was once a parking lot that still had lots of evergreen trees and always a tender breeze. It's gone!