Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Mayor Nick Sacco

And what does it mean when the Mayor of North Bergen, New Jersey shows up at your front door? Well, what does it mean when Mayor Nick Sacco and his team show up at your front door and everyone else's front door while canvassing on the block in that town of North Bergen, New Jersey to be found in that state of New Jersey, next to that city of New York, to be found in that country of North America. And it is not so often every so often that I find myself blah blogging about a mayor of someplace to be found somewhere here on planet earth, or is it? And so that fanaticism of becoming one of those fans sent me looking to drag that camera out of the closet whose only purpose seems to be to collect dust these days and times. And those neon green vote for me for Mayor posters to be found on those houses, windows and storefronts around that North Bergen town seem to speak for themselves. And that photo above of Mayor Nick Sacco and his team getting the job done for North Bergen seems to speak for itself. And according to that flyer they left at the front door, have a great Vote Column B, Mayor, Public Works Commissioner, Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Revenue and Finance Commissioner, Public Safety Commissioner, May 10th and more day.
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