Monday, December 13, 2010


Wolf Blitzer Presents The World

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

The most famous star of CNN is Wolf Blitzer. His show can be caught on Directtv everyday at 4:00 eastern daylight time. Wolf Blitzer is one of my favorite television personalities because he is always on and always ready to tell us what is happening without critiquing the news stories that his journalists cover and actually entertain us with.

If the news can be entertaining, Wolf Blitzer covers it. He has a dead pan expression that added to his white closely cropped beard make him a personality of his own. His news coverage is all acting complete with moving from center stage to stage left and staring straight into the camera. Interacting with invited reporters, Wolf Blitzer acts the part of the inquisitor and always thanks his guest reporters.

Wolf Blitzer's style, mannerisms, and voice have made a popular cable news personality and CNN would probably not know what to do without him. He is not your typical news anchor since he is a cable news personality. His voice and mannerisms give way to his attitudes on life in general

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