Monday, August 23, 2010

A Dumbo Arts Festival 2010

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And that 14th Annual Dumbo Arts Festival 2010 and Two Trees sponsored event is happening again in this year, September 24th-26th, in that neighborhood of downtown under the Manhattan bridge overpass in Dumbo, Brooklyn, to be found in that city of New York, in that country of North America. And I know that Dumbo Arts Festival is happening again this year because some friends who are playing music as part of this event and that Dumbo Arts Festival website says so. And I have found myself blogging about this event on this blog before in times past, as this event seems to roll around each year much like those holidays to be found on that Gregorian calendar. And so this year that festival seems to be bigger and better than ever with seemingly an endless schedule of what seems like a bazillion performers, artists, musicians, galleries and more. And according to their website, the DUMBO Arts Festival is pleased to announce many participating artists for their expanded festival. And this event art festival rocks as follows.

Musicians Tom Verlaine, Rob Schwimmer, Shahzad Ishmaily, Kenny Wollesen & The Himalayas; Artists Barnaby Furnas, Marc Dennis & Alexi Worth; Author Jonathan Lethem, Performance Artists including Sarah Small’s ‘Tableau Vivant Series’; and Steampunk Salon Saloon among the many artists, musicians, dancers, performers and writers participating…Family Programs, Street Performers Galore.

The DUMBO Arts Festival is pleased to announce a partial artists line-up for its new, expanded festivities, which will be held on September 24th, 25th and 26th. The DUMBO Arts Festival will take over the waterfront community of DUMBO – its galleries, storefronts, performance venues, studios, and parks. More exciting names are expected to be announced over coming weeks.

The Festival will be an action and activity-packed extravaganza with something for everyone, including world-class visual and performance art, live music, street performers, music workshops, drum circles, dance, walking tours, as well as, for the first time ever, family programming.

Visual artists including Barnaby Furnas, Marc Dennis, Sean Capone, Jennifer Williams, Bernardo Siciliano, Ed Purver and Alexi Worth will display their work along with many other artists; musicians Tom Verlaine and Billy Ficca will perform with Patrick Derivaz and The Himalayas will march their music around the streets as just a few of the many musical offerings and performances during the three-day festival; author Jonathan Lethem will be reading and signing Chronic City at this exclusive paperback launch party; Sarah Small’s ‘Tableau Vivant Series’, Steampunk Salon Saloon’s neo-Victorian Punk soiree, and Marc Dennis’ Cricket Cuisine are among the art and spectacle available to festival-goers. Children’s programming, including kite flying, The Acrobuffos, Yogi Beans, Jane’s Carousel, Marquis Studios’ workshop, storytelling as well as music workshops and performances for kids will also be a part of the DUMBO Arts Festival.

Music (Performances, Workshops, &/or Demos)

Avram Pengas, Bill Hamptom, Brad Farberman, David Gate, Dean Bowman, Dolphy Hazel, Duncan Emck, Gregory Grene, Jan Bell and the Maybelles, Jesse Lenat, Knox Chandler, No Surrender, North Sky Cello Ensemble, NYC Subway Girl, Rob Schwimmer, Rubn Kodhel, Sadowsky Guitars, Sei Koizumi, Shahzad Ishmaily, Soh Daiko, Strung Out String Band, Sam Zygmuntowicz and more.

Visual Arts (installations & open studios)

Miya Ando, Alex Aparzev, David Baskin, Allison Berkoy, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Suzanne Broughel, Davide Cantoni, Nana Deleplanque, Barnaby Furnas, Marty Greenbaum, Dolphy Hazel, Vitaly Komar, Pevel Kraus, Mary Mattingly, Eileen Mislove, Chris Mottalini, Ed Purver, Carol Salmanson, Vadim Schaeffler, Bernado Siciliano, Leonard Ursachi, Seth Wulsin and more.

Performance Art, Tableau Vivant, Steampunk & Spectacle

Acrobuffos, Floating Kabarette, The Himalayas, Olek, Steampunk Salon, Stephanie Bok and more.

Gallery Exhibitions

A.I.R. Gallery, Amos Eno, BAC Gallery, Central Booking, Dumbo Arts Center, Henry Gregg, Klompching Gallery, Kunsthalle Galapagos, Rabbithole Studio, Smack Melon, Umbrage Gallery and more.


White Wave Dance Festival & more

Literary Events

Amir Parsa, Cave Canem poetry reading, Joshua Wolfe and company, Melville House, Powerhouse Arena presents, Jonathan Lethem and more.

Family Programming (Music, Arts & Crafts, Storytelling & more)

The Acrobuffos, Christine Norrie's storytelling, face painting, Czechoslovak American Marionette Theatre , Great Small Works, Kite flying with Galapagos, Louis Miranda's music, Powerhouse Arena and Makedo crafts event, White Wave Dance, Yogi' Beans Yoga,
and many, many, many more. Have a great music, art and more day.

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