Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Dating Game

The dating game. And I have seen that game a lot throughout my travels here on planet earth. And wasn't that the name of one of those game shows on television in the 70's or something, couples on television asking each other all kinds of are you the right person for me in life questions. And what about those compatibility questions, as those questions can mean a lot I think when it comes to finding that one person to share ones life with, I think. And so I have always thought of relations as too complex for me to comprehend sometimes, the are you single, are you looking for someone, are you married, are you available, is she your girlfriend, is he your boyfriend, are you this and are you that in life kind of questions. And another one of those things that I have seen throughout my travels here on planet earth again, is that with the invention of online dating, long gone and long lore ago are those bars, clubs, events, meeting places and other kinds of pick up places used for finding that one person to date. Although maybe those places are still around for that purpose. It's just that now with the invention of all things internet, one can now find that person of their dreams on the computer, right next to one of those photos of their profile that tells someone all about them without having to use one of those pick up lines to pick one up, as it is usually straight to the point and obvious for what reason one is visiting those online dating sites for anyway. And what a long way the dating game has come in the age of all things high tech. Have a great dating, relationship and more day.
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