Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Central Park Music Day

And as I take a break from watching, listening and reading the Michael Jackson mania in the news on this day that has seemingly preempted all other news and gripped a nation with his passing away this past week, I find myself posting this blog posting about Underground Horns busking away in Central Park somewhere around 72nd Street Central Park West in that city of New York the other day. And that band seems to underground and above ground brass band, marching band rock. So much that I thought to post this photo and video of them busking away in Central Park on a Sunday afternoon. And then there are those roller skaters in that roller skating rink of that park right near there, and a great way to get some rollerskating music in also, as hasn't that skating rink been around that Central Park area every Sunday seemingly a New York forever. And those roller skaters roller skating rock also. And even then more there was that Central Park Summerstage just over the hill with its music musicing from way afar, and Oumou Sangare, Les Nubians and Asa were performing there that day, and that line seemed so Central Park long, that I seemed to have found myself camping out on the grass along with like tons of other people just listening to the music on the hill from afar for lack of attempting to stand in that long, long, long line to get in to the Central Park Summerstage itself. And that music rocked also. And Underground Horns, that band again, they will be playing with Okai, Regime Change, Negus World Order and more friends at Bar Sputnik later this month. And Okai, Underground Horns,Regime Change, and Negus World Order, well they just Regime Change, Underground Horns and Negus World Order music rock. Have a great music day.
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