Friday, September 19, 2008

The Weekend

Hey Bloggers, and it's that weekend time again. I know because Friday is usually the end of the week as far as I know. And when that weekend makes its way around again, I sometimes find myself wondering what to do on the weekend as far as events go it that City of New York. And there is always that nonsense nyc event list from Jeff Stark that I have somehow found myself subscribing to. And that is a really cool list with lots of cool things to do each day of the week as far as events go. And I find myself posting events on this blog every so often because hey, it's less writing sometimes. And one of those events that they have listed on their calendar for this week is as follows:


Democracy in America Convergence Center

After traveling across the country to glean perspectives from artists and activists on the state of democracy, Creative Time's year-long program Democracy in America: The National Campaign culminates in the Convergence Center: a major exhibition, participatory project space, and meeting hall mounted in New York City’s Park Avenue Armory just in time for election season. The Convergence Center at Park Avenue Armory will provide an activated space to both reflect on and perform democracy and will be punctuated by speeches by artists, community leaders, and cultural critics throughout the week. As one of the largest unobstructed spaces in New York, the non-traditional setting of the Armory features interiors—such as its vast drill hall and historic period rooms—that are ideal for artists presenting multifaceted visual and performing arts productions.

Artists include: Erick Beltrán, Center for Tactical Magic, Critical Art Ensemble, Annabel Daou, dB Foundation, Hasan Elahi, Feel Tank, Luca Frei, Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani, Group Material, John Hawke, Sharon Hayes, Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung, Incubate, Magdalena Jitrik, Matt Keegan, Jon Kessler, Olga Koumoundouros and Rodney McMillian, Steve Lambert, Ligorano/Reese, Pia Lindman, Rachel Mason, Carlos Motta, Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere, Trevor Paglen, Cornelia Parker, Jenny Polak, Steve Powers, Greta Pratt, Paul Ramírez Jonas, Red76, Duke Riley, Martha Rosler, Dread Scott, Allison Smith, Chris Sollars, Chris Stain, Mark Tribe, United Victorian Workers, Chu Yun, and more.

Speeches and performances by the Yes Men, Reverend Billy, Karen Finley, Steve Kurtz (of Critical Art Ensemble), Rachel Mason, Trever Paglen, Pia Lindman, Tanya Fields (of Sustainable South Bronx), Matthew Diaz (who released the names and serial numbers of Guantanamo detainees to the Center of Constitutional Rights), Camilo Mejía (an Iraq War veteran and major spokesman against the war), Brian Holmes, representatives from Working Artists and the Greater Economy, and others.

Have a great event day

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