Sunday, June 15, 2008

Die Freies Musikzentrum München Konzerte

Hey Bloggers, and somehow in the midst of world attrocities taking place daily with headlines that read "Süudafrika: Das Protokoll einer Menschenverbrennung, Ernestos tödlicher Irrtum, Er kam aus Mosambik, war 35 Jahre alt und glaubte, im Nachbarland ein besseres Leben zu finden - doch dann brauchte ein entfesselter mob ein Opfer", some article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung German newspaper, with a photo of a man being burned at the stake by a mob, and another photo of a man in military gear with a gun that has something to do with african against african hatred against foreigners in South Africa, so much that even they are killing each other, and I can not really understand the language as it is written in German. And this concept I cannot understand, the idea that human man could possibly be inheriently violent against his brother. And maybe this concept could have something to do with Cain and Abel in the bible, as the descendants of man may have inherited this trait that man could be against man and brother against brother and a mans enemies shall be those of his own household. And even on the other side of the world I see guns as the worst invention ever and wonder if it is possible to abolish guns from every human being on the face of planet earth, and to abolish the images of guns from every form of advertising and marketing campaigns on planet earth. Does not advertising influence society. And even on the other side of the world, there are guns and the images of guns in the magazines and pop culture of Munich Germany such as the Filmfest Müunchen 2008 Offizielle Filmfestmagazin programm, there are photos of people holding guns on the pages of this magazne in film advertisements as if to look cool. Has this form of violence in advertising been since the beginning of time and will it be until the end of time, if ever. And is another world possible to be free from violence in advertising and marketing. And finally todays Yahoo headline reads "Gun rights is biggest issue for courts to decide." And in other random thoughts, I somehow found myself at the Freies Musikzentrum München Konzerte, the Free Music Center in Munich that has jazz, klassik and worldmusic. And the photo of that concert I placed in this blog entry. And that performance featured the Improv Now music of Carsten Radtke, Gitarre, Jürgen Schneider, perkussin, Leonhard Schilde, Piano, and Welf Dorr with this really trippy electronica sounding sound effect delay. And that music rocked. And I thought to post more photos of my travail travel photos in this blog entry because I am still attempting to blog this travel vacation as I see all of those other bloggers do of their vacations out there in bloggerland. And that other photo above is of the Siegestor. And even though I am not really sure what that door gates historical signaficance could mean, I thought it looked really cool at night. And there is another photo of that third reich walking tour from the other day of the Feldherhalle on the Odeonplatz, or is it the Königplatz Führerbau place, some buildings and plazas having to do with Hitler, the Nazis and Germanys grim dark history. And then there is that photo of one of those smart cars, some car that seems to be half the size of those big Amerikan cars and uses half the gasoline. And smart cars they seem to be indeed compared to the gas guzzling hughe suv's that are to be found in America contributing to the oil overconsumption and waste overglobalism crisis of the world. And again there are more photos and blah blogs of my blogaholicness travail travels that I would like to post in this blog post, and they are passig me now. Have a great travelling blogging day.

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