Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Checkpoint Charlie

Hey bloggers, who is that Checkpoint Charlie guy and what is he checking anyway, as I think I may have found myself visiting him on this recent trip, travel through the airport and on many strasses thrughout Germany trips, and his visits seem to go on and on elsewhere on this planet earth. And doesn't he have something to do with the police, security, mal militant oppression or violence or protecting property or something, or not. And was this guy born in Germany anyway. My friend said something that he has something to do with the GDR, and who is the GDR, the German Dutch Republic? And I came across this literature, program brochure during my time in Germany for the Hause Am Checkpoint Charlie, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin, Germany. As it is written in German, I do not really understand what it could say, only what the photos could mean. And its words are "Vous Sortez Du Secteur Amerikan, You Are Leaving The American Sector". And there are photos of police and guns, as well as demonstrations, the Berlin wall falling, the Brandenburg Gate, groups of people and tanks all over this brochure page. And does Wikiipedia have an entry for this Checkpoint Charlie guy, and what would that internet bible dictionary have to say about this person. Well, according to the brochure the Checkpoint Charlie, or the Checkpoint Charlie Museum is: "Der Checkpoint Charlie war der woht bekannteste Grenzubergang zwishchen West und Ost. Im Oktober 1961 standen sich hier amerikanische und sowjetische Panzer gegenuber, als die USA fundamentale Rechte des Berlin Status verteidigten.
Immer wieder aauch wird der Checkpoint Carlie zum Schauplatz von Demonstrationen, hier gelingen Fluchten (im Museum ist u.a. eine zu Fluchtzwecken umgebaute Isetta zu sehen) oder scheitern kurz vor dem weiben.
Grenzstrich. Am 17. August 1962 verblutet Peter Fechter im Todestreifen vor den Augen der Weltofentlichkeit.
Am 22. Juni 1990 schlieblich wird der Checkpoint Charlie in Gegenwart der Aubenminister der vier Siegermachete des Zweiten Weltkriegs und der beiden deutschen Staaten in einer feierlichen Zeremonie abgebaut". And I do not really understand the language of that German I just wrote. Oh, and I just came across another brochure for this guy that is written in English that says "Checkpoint Charlie was an allied border patrol in Friedrichstrasse seperating the boroughs of Kreuzberg and Mitte. It got its name from being the thrid patrol post. The two others being Helmstedt (alpha and "Drei Linden" (beta).
Between 1961 and 1990 Checkpoint Charlie was the only crossing point for members of the Allied Forces, and for all foreigners to cross from West to East Berlin.
In the course of the reunification of Germany Checkpoint Charlie was demolished in the presence of Foreign secretaries of the United States, Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union and the two German states. And doesn't this guy still exist in some form or another around the world, and for what reason. Will humanity ever be free to walk the earth without walls and papers for permission from another. No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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