Saturday, December 29, 2007

The End Of The Year

It must be that end of the year time again according to the Gregorian calendar. And I also figure it must be near New Years Day 2008, as every time I turn on the television, listen to the radio or look at a newspaper, I see and hear all of those year end, year in review, best of 2007 articles and programing, and that Auld Lang Syne song gets played a thousand times. And I also see people selling those Happy New Year 2008 glasses, horns and confetti on street corners and sidewalks everywhere. And this time of year must also be the most partying day and night time of the year, and the most expensive time of the year to party in New York City also, as those clubland parties admission fees are usually in the hundreds and zillions of dollars range to party or something like that. Well I guess if one is in the New York City area, one could always go to see the ball drop in Time Square, that's free as far as I know. Me myself, I don't know what I will do for the New Years Eve celebrations this year, if anything. And I also thought it was the beginning of the end of the world this year in 2007 with all of those prophecy, armageddon, apocalyptic religious fanaticism thoughts about Nostradamus, World War III, the beast and the Anti Christ I posted this year about 2007 being the beginning of the end of the world. So unless some big momentous end of the world events happens in the next two days, happy 2008.
And here are some New Years Eve, New Years Day events in the New York City area that are listed on the nonsense nyc list for this week that look interesting and may be worth checking out:

Rubulad proudly presents:

The Iridescent Ball A New Year’s Eve masquerade. With the Fisherman, the Hungry March Band, Vic Thrill and B.A., and the Ja Ja Jahs with Benjamin Ickies and Joe Exley. DJs: $mall Change, Pork Chop, Mike Simonetti, Tim (Crypt Records), Alabama Mike, and Kris Anton. In the Cabaret Room: Viva DeConcini and Mary Feaster (Paprika; Circus Amok), Master Lee and Mr. Patrick present Talking Stick,Jason BK, and G. Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest. Plus: Norm Francoeur’s Light Circus, food by Vicious Delicious, sweets by Brownie Points, Yummy Dub Pies and hot cider, and special performances by the Modern Dance Awareness Society and Polly the Clown. Champagne Bunny Toast at midnight. Special door prizes for the first few hundred. This is a masquerade ball; wear a costume. Rubulad Home Base, 338 Flushing Avenue, between Classon and Taaffee, Brooklyn. 10p doors, 11p show; $20 before 11, in costume, or way late, $25 otherwise, 21 and over with ID please

The Danger presents:

New Lost City: New Years Eve A city of glamour: Dress in your best thrift-store formal and self- made chic. Channel the opulence of Monte Carlo by way of Bushwick. With games of chance by Ryan O'Connor, bawdy burlesque shows presented by Gemini and Scorpio, and dance tracks from a time before any of us remember, spun by the Vintage DJ. The dance floor will be live through sunrise with DJs playing classics and deep-beats, with an intelligent techno sunrise. Featuring the Super Family, $mall Change, DJ Kimyon, and the Amoeba Collective with Zemi 17 and Dok. Midnight spectacle: Akim Funk Buddha, the Lady Circus, and a cabal of performers start your New Year with a high-flying riot of champagne, confetti, kisses from strangers, and a touch of fire. In the Rouge Lounge sip sweetened absinthe created by mixologist Danielle Hlatky and listen closely as the Hydrogen Jukebox Cirkus interjects sideshow acts into a soulful live sound born of a performance culture that's never been lost but is often hidden. And indelicate Feats of Fame: Witness the multi-talented mistress Molly Crabapple,Fifi Dupree sultry tangos by operatic tenor Marc Shreiner delicious Creme Brulee of Big Apple Burlesque naughty antics by Kae Burke and the glittering Jen Upchurch. With worked-up ethnomesh mixologia by DJ Joro Boro through the early morning. 341 Scholes St., East Williamsburg Brooklyn. 9p-morning; $30 includes champagne at midnight and open bar for the first hour New Lost City

Winkel and Balktick present:

A Good Olde Fashioned Future Professor Winkel and Count Balktick have been toiling away in their secret laboratory for the past 11 months, perfecting a time machine capable of transporting its users to fantastic and fanciful realms where past and future collide in spectacular chronological alchemy. Your presence is requested as they unveil their creation on New Year's Eve. The time machine will be set in motion at midnight. Dinner and breakfast will be served. Please attend in costume! (Victorian chimney sweep, Abraham Lincoln, medieval wench, 1930s robot, Marty McFly, spaceman, HAL, pharoah, sheik, hyperevolved humanoids, Mad Max, etc.) Music: olde-timey boxcar hobo anthems by Shanimal and the Cardiac Arrest, lunar lounge orchestra with the experimental instruments of Isac Zal, ribald tales of time travel debauchery by Jessica Delfino, time warp soul rock by Tommy Mokas and Jenda Wight, stagecoach and bandit sing-a-long with Mickey Western and Tom Beale. Plus future primitive DJ sounds by D_Juice, Arrow Chrome, Ben Jammin', Reza, and Zemi 17. Activities: fanciful face painting by Kostume Kult, epic jousting tournament with Gnome Camp, Timeless massage by Spatch, ManPeg Video motion machine by Jason Weston, Iain Melvin, and Sandra Cordero, Meet A Time Traveller video conference uplink with a party in Boston, antique video game lounge, 3D Stereoscopic photo booth by Winkel, scandalous den of tobacco delights by Hookah Mike, and marvelous morsels by Meki and Lola. Art: installations and decor by David Bengali, Hali Vik, Gemini and Scoprio, and Dave Schor; inflatables by Anakin Koenig; olfactory immersion by ethnobotanist Nat B.; zeppelin by Remus Pop; screenprinting of the ages by Peripheral Media Projects. Performance: House of Yes, Sparkwerks2000, Wheylan. Dinner and breakfast served. Open bar 10-11 and 3-3:30, plus champagne toast at midnight. Please attend in time travel attire. Bottles of bubbly for the best costumes. Three spaces in a gorgeous private loft in Long Island City with breathtaking views of the city and sunrise. 37-06 36th Street, Long Island City, Queens. 10p-noon; $20 Winkel Little Star

New Year's Eve at Glasslands

Presented by New York Night Train. With the Stalkers, Puddin Tang, Electric Shadows, Sorceress, and guests. DJs Jonathan Toubin and Josh Styles of Smashed Blocked. The Glasslands Gallery 289 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 8p bands, midnight dancing; $10 The Glasslands

New Year's Eve at Galapagos

Two rooms. Two parties. In the front room: Brooklyn Burlesque-O- Teque, a fabulous, glamtastic, all-star burlesque, champagne soaked, rock and roll discotèque New Year's Eve for the ages. Ring in the New Year at Galapagos Art Space, the only Premiere New Year's Eve Party in Brooklyn bringing you hours of entertainment all the way until dawn. With a champagne toast at midnight and late night DJ til the sun comes up. Out with the clothed year in with the nude year. Starring: Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey, Dr. Lukki, Little Brooklyn, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Nasty Canasta, Jonnie Porkpie, go-go dancers, and a late night set starring Miss Saturn. Plus DJ Boyracer spins rawk, electro, glam, disco, indie, and party jams all night and morning long. Featuring a 24-hour liquor license. Back room: The Bunker presents Blood and Thunder II, 18 hours of mayhem. Featuring some of the world's best DJs, from Berlin to NYC, spinning techno, house, dance, and electronic music. With Lee Curtis, Derek Plaslaiko, Dennis Rogers, Spinoza, Laimur Ngha, and Naudio. Galapagos, 70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 8p-dawn front room, 10p-4p back room; $30 before midnight front room, $25 after midnight front room, $20 back Galapagos

Turntables on the Hudson

Our 10th Annual New Year's Eve Ritual continues. As always, we're keeping it special, so please join us. With DJs Nickodemus, Mariano, Sabo and Tito Roc. With Nappy G and Christian Rogers on percussion. The Brooklyn Lyceum, 227 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, 8-10p for families with kids, 10p-morning for the party people; $20 advance, $30 at door. Brooklyn Lyceum

Super-Show Every New Year's Day, traditionally your cultural choices for this day off (a Tuesday this time) are the two giant all-day poetry readings, so finally this year there'll be an alternative: It's the Super-Show. Over 50 acts, featuring some of NYC's most insanely talented maniacs in the fields of comedy, music, video, acting, and hard-to-describe shit. Help us remind people to drink lots of water before they go to bed on December 31 (to avoid hangovers) and then party harder at this clusterfest! Confirmations from: Juggernut, Reverend Jen, Seth Herzog, Puppies Hold Hands, Mike Dobbins, Goatslayer of Uber Luber, Diane ODebra as Murder, Jessica Delfino, the Vox Illuminati, Howling Vic, Rob Latahn, Mike Amato as Mormon Surprise Is Mormon Delicious, Livia Scott, Mike Raphone as the Megalomaniac, John F. ODonnell as Shard, David Jenness as Barry Agida, Dr. Steamwhipple of the Pizzas, Rob Shapiro, the Bitter Poet, Rosie Rebel, Jason Trachtenburg, Peter Mavros of Bellmer Dolls, the Fools, Dame Darcy, Touching You, Tom Ritchford, Chuck Funk, Bohemaphelia, Erick Kirchberger, Kelli Rae Powell, and more. The Green Room,45 Bleecker, Manhattan 1p-midnight.$6

And here's one that sounds really cool if you want to do absolutely nothing, well if you want to do something and nothing at the same time I guess. You can ohm yourself away in silence at Jivamukti Yoga. Jivamukti will be having their 19th annual New Years Eve Celebration December 31st at 9pm. Jivamukti opens its doors to provide a yogic place of refuge for all. Mauna, the yogic practice of silence, no talking, will be observed from 9:00pm-12:00am. All the practice rooms will be open and available to provide a space for individual reflection on this special evening. At midnight we will break the silence with chanting and elevated messages lead by Sharon Gannon and David Life. The evening will conclude with an ecstatic Kirtan lead by Lokah. The band Lokah was recently created by to visionary artists, Sri Michael and Uma Nanda Saraswati. They will be accompanied By Roderick and Anisa Romero of Sky Cries Mary. Lokah's debut album, The Ivy Ceiling is a groundbreaking work, which fuses musical elements from across the globe; bringing together ancient Sanskrit mantras and hip modern beats. The Famous Jivamukti New Year's Eve Yummy Vegan Chai will be served, along with assorted vegan snacks.
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