Friday, October 19, 2007


Billy Warhol from Billion Dollar Baloney left a comment on my blog today. They posted something about dictators in response to a Blog Action Day posting I posted a few days ago. Billion Dollar Baloney is one of those cool blogs that can be found on MyBloLog and they would like to see world peace. It is easy to get lost in My Blog Log Land land because there are millions, billions, trillions and seemingly gazillions of blogs to be found there in the blogosphere. And this comment leads me to wonder; what the heck is a dictatorship? It that a ship of dictators? A shop of dictators? And what is a dictator. A dictionary ator? Again, what does that Internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have to say about this word. I would be interested to read how they describe it. In addition to Billion Dollar Baloney's comment today, I have heard this word used often throughout time and most recently at meetings with groups of people in attendance. And there are sometimes committees and hearings and the like involved at these meetings. And for what reason is this a popular word to be found in group discussions. Is this a political word? And what are politics? Policy tics? I am wondering about this word today. I may go read to see if Wikipedia addresses this word.
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BillyWarhol said...

Hey thx fer the Headline mention! I'm using up my 15 Milliseconds of Fame*


I always thought a Dictator didn't allow any Opposition to his/her Beliefs or Rules. They tend to squelch Independent thought or Freedom to Think with yer own Mind. And they also will use Force (Military or Police or even Snoopy Neighbours) to make sure everybody tows the Party line.

BUSH comes to mind!!



BillyWarhol said...

I just spotted this on CNN re: Myanmar + Burma

i think it best describes what it's actually like Living under a Dictator. Some of the Words like Fear + Brutality + Death seem to be hallmarks of Dictatorship rule.


CNN editor's note: An I-Reporter inside Myanmar shares experiences of what it's like to live there. Because of safety concerns, has agreed not to identify the author. The views expressed here are those of the author alone.

YANGON, Myanmar -- On the surface, Yangon appears almost normal since most of the military's activities now take place under cover of a nighttime curfew away from the cameras. But what is normal -- and what happens beyond normal?

An I-Reporter took this photo late last month. The boldest protesters shouted at soldiers about three blocks away.
more photos »

The military crackdown has been unbelievably severe, especially considering this country's deep reverence for Buddhist monks. To see monks attacked during peaceful demonstrations is disturbing, as is the vengeance with which the military attempts to cover up its abuse and prevent news from leaking to the outside world.

But the abuse goes beyond that.

Every day, I hear sad stories. A father is killed when trying to reach his son in a school that is cordoned off by the military. A young student in a village school is killed by overzealous military, but the family cannot obtain the body, which was conveniently cremated. If the family protests, the whole village suffers. Video Watch "Sometimes I feel my hope is gone" »

For several days, word of what was happening here in Myanmar did get out. News organizations like CNN showed the world video of the people being beaten during the brutal government crackdown.

Now, I and others observe people arrested on the street and led into an alleyway or building where there are no cameras. What happens then is anyone's guess.

I catch glimpses of life from conversations with friends and co-workers describing a pattern of corruption and repression.

Electricity cuts mean that you have to get up at 3 a.m. to do your ironing when the power might be on. Or you cannot store food in your refrigerator -- if you can even afford one. You cannot travel freely without permits. Buy a car? Only if you pay an exorbitant amount through the military-controlled sales.

Health care for the average person? It's practically nonexistent. Start a small business? Beware that a successful small restaurant can be taken away from you under the guise of an illegal permit and then taken over by someone who is connected.

These are personal inconveniences of life in Yangon. The other "inconveniences" are more threatening.
Don't Miss

* Tell us what's happening near you
* Military junta: Nearly 3,000 were detained
* Burma's monks: 'Already a success'
* Global Voices: Myanmar blogs

When a co-worker shows up late in the morning, we discover that the whole family was woken up at 1 a.m. and had to stand outside the house while the authorities searched for anyone living there without a permit.

People are very reserved in Yangon. A level of fear filters through every conversation.

Informants are insidious and keep a close watch on the local people. After living in Yangon for awhile, even someone new to the country can recognize the casual look from the guy on the corner with his cell phone to his ear -- just concerned about your protection, no doubt.

Seeing the routine repression in this country can only make you wonder what happens out of sight and outside normal conversation, especially during this elevated crisis.

I know this government is very vindictive and obviously has no intention of doing anything but a better job at covering up its abuses.

A recent quote in the The New Light of Myanmar, a government publication, says it all: "National traitors will soon meet their tragic ends."

Anonymous said...

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