Monday, August 3, 2020

The Tompkins Square Park Concert That Almost Didn’t Happen

If I must blogger say on this Google blogger day, After ten or so years of using Blogger, blogspot as a blagh, I signed into blogger today to see a newly designed Blogger interface nightmare.This new default blogger interface design is a nightmare and does not work, the photos do not appear correctly and things that use to take one second to do on this platform, now take a day or more or not at all, and a host of other problems with this new "update". The simple classic blogger design has now become a completely unusable, unable to navigate nightmare. Thank goodness the option to "revert to legacy blogger", the old classic blogger simple design still exists and I am able to go back to the old classic blogger to create posts until August something when the new updated blogger version nightmare design will appear again where creating posts will become nearly impossible and classic Blogger will no longer be available. This new blogger design seems to be worser that Facebook and Twitter's recent interface design updates. At least their new nightmarish compose looking "update" designs are somewhat navigatable. It seems as if all of these social media platforms are updating themselves into myspaceland, though not many other social media user generated content platforms exist. except these few platforms. Dear Blogger, can you please keep the classic design as an option like Facebook did? It's called classic for a reason. A more comprehensive explanation on this topic can be found here.

And so back to my usual blagher post of the day.

And so it was another day that I found myself attempting to vend those DecorForU jewelry, necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each at Tompkins Square Park yesterday, and it was also another day that I found myself taking a bunch of photos of people holding those Fly Orr PANicDEMIC flyers again and taking a bunch of photos of DJ Spike PolitePinc Louds who has been playing at Tompkins Square Park and that  Tompkins Square Park Police Riot 32nd Anniversary (1988-2020) concert yesterday, with the text to that concert flyer reading like as follows:

“First Show of the Season ! Finally.. A 2 Day Special Acoustic Chapter .. First Ever Acoustic Show in over 30 years.. Acorn Slim Scott Newman and John Lane Dean Rane Gass Wild Rew Starr Dead Dean Chris Iconicide Spike Polite. And SEWAGE and Direct From Long Island.. The Beautiful Karen Bella.. Its Saturday and Sunday Friends.. ( This Weekend ) So Lets All Show Up.. Like we Always do, Support Our Locals. And have a Great Time ” …..
Taking Over- “OUR PARK “

Tompkins Square Park, August 1st-2nd, 1pm Both Daze ….”

And there was a moment before the concert began when someone from the New York City Parks department came from out of nowhere and tried to shut that concert down, though in the end, the concert was allowed to proceed. And there was a moment when Pinc Louds played at that Riot Reunion concert for one quick second, and then they went off to play at that Temperance Fountain during that Riot Reunion concert yesterday, as in some of those photos and videos that find themselves posted above. And there was a moment when @iamrandyluna shared this instagram story of my black lives matter jewelry on his instagram page. And there was music, music and more music again. And they played into the night at Tompkins Square Park. Bring your dancing shoes to Tompkins Square Park I guess. #blacklivesmatter

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