Thursday, September 20, 2012

Facebook Drama

And so in an attempt to web 2.0 social media user generated content maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible, I find myself posting about the battle of the bands Facebook drama on this blogging day, as in facebook fights, cyber bullying, who wants to be the internet hero, employers who hire and fire employees based on what their Facebook page says, families who leave each other based on what their Facebook pages say, people whose whole lives are built around Facebook or whatever you want to Facebook call it. Does Facebook rule the world? And so I guess I have been plagued by and have beared and endured so much Facebook drama for so many Facebook years and Facebook long in the form of go away from facebook emails, in person go away from facebook confrontations and go away from facebook phone calls that it has become go away from Facebook drama unbearable. And how many of those Oh man, You deleted me as your friend! You sure showed me! episodes must I endure to where I find myself posting these comments that go something like:

how nice to be told "don't invite your facebook friends to my invite because my band thinks you're a spammer...." 

heard on the telephone - "oh, and if you invite your facebook friends to my facebook invite, i'm gonna stop talking to you."

ditto.... oh, and heard in person and on the phone months ago.... "will you remove all of your facebook friends that are mutual friends with my bandmember? he doesn't like it that you are posting on his facebook friends pages." 

"my band member(s) said they wont invite their facebook friends to my facebook event invite if you invite your facebook friends." 

"my bandmember says you sent two MySpace emails in one month for our gigs and he doesn't like it."

"so what if my band member calls you a bunch of names because of your facebook posts and MySpace emails for our gigs, be nice to him anyway...." 

"my band keeps asking me who's this npsgirl?" 

ditto. one month later....

"heard in person....
don't overdo it, don't over post links to my band, please don't over do it, you don't talk over me, understand me, do you understand me, you are an a**hole, you acting exactly like kevin, you exactly like him, that's why you guys clash so much cause you so alike, to share a post on a thousand pages is unnecessary and if you post it too much it becomes spam, i don't want to hear about something ten times it gets on my nerves, you are a spammer and i don't want to argue with you about that, you hear me... and if you don't listen to me i'm gonna stop talking to you.  it's not facebook, it's you."
more facebook drama geez...

And the list of battle of the band facebookomaniaholic insults, accusations and complaints drama goes on and on. And what was life social media like before the invention of MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and now Google+ etc;. Geez, facebook drama.... And what, if anything does this have to do with a No Police State.
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