Thursday, November 18, 2010

The UFO's

And this is one of those posts that was written on my other blog some time a while ago....
And so here's another one of those post a YouTube video a day on that website thing again, because hey, I think it's less writing sometimes. And this one happens to be about those ufo's that have been in the news a lot lately after those ufo sightings in New York City, China, San Francisco and Texas. And so have those ufo sightings been around since the beginning of time, maybe? And I have been following that ufo news as sort of somewhere in between creepy and scary, the thought of we may not be alone as human being dwellers here on planet earth. And I am still wondering about those "balloon" and "planes" theories that arises as explanations for those sightings. Have a great ufo and more day.
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