Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sabotage. What does that word mean? And have I blaghed about that word before on this blog before at some point in time or another. Is that word a Beastie Boys Song. And does that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have an entry for this word? And so for some reason I found myself scribbling those blah blogger thoughts on some sort of paper when someone told me the origin of its roots and the meaning of this word, that it actually has something to do with the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the invention of the wheel machine or something like that. Something about that that word sabotage gets its origin from meaning to throw a wheel into the machine to stop it. Oh, does that mean some sort of symbolic throwing of a shoe into the wheel of the machine of politics and business to stop those politics and businesses somehow. The wooden shoe, as I think that person said the word shoe in French means sabot. And so goes Sabotage. Have a great sabotage and beyond day.
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