Thursday, May 27, 2010


And so that season of the year here in North America finds itself summertime again that has rolled around each year according to that Gregorian calendar on the wall and the temperature of the weather outside, though I guess officially summertime doesn't begin until the holiday of Memorial Day I think. And I also know it's summertime because all of those store aisle displays have changed from heaters, shovels and ice for snow removal to beach balls, lawn furniture, bar b que grills and fans. And there is also a variety of ceiling fans to be found for the purpose of keeping oneself cool in the summer, for ventilation and a host of other purposes or what not. And I have seen the coolest designs of those ceiling fans that are to be found here on earth throughout my travels here on planet earth. And those fans are always interesting to look at, plus they give off an awesome breeze. And I have also seen other ways people use to keep themselves cool in the summer like the tried and true fire hydrant on the corner, swimming pools, beaches, the refrigerator, ice, and even just taking non stop cold showers. So whatever the method of staying cool this summer, have a great summer day.
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