Thursday, February 25, 2010


Pottery. And I have always liked pottery and ceramics as one of those arts and crafts things. And besides, pottery is beautiful to look at and behold. And clay is such an earthy material to work with when it comes to sculpting, forming and painting it. As clay seems like it is one of those materials from the earth itself. And as far as I know, there has been many schools and educational facilities devoted to nothing more than the crafting and sculpting of pottery and ceramics. And if you happen to be looking for those pottery and clay supplies to do some crafting of pottery yourself, you can find them at AMACO/Brent. is a website where you can find majolica glazes, pottery supply, slump molds and more. They are a place where you find supplies for potteries, education and crafts and you can also find lead free glazes, potters wheels, ceramic, self hardening and air dry clays, modeling and mold making supplies, brushes, tools, kilns, glass products and more for the artist in you at their website. And the photos and colors of some of those pottery designs that they have on their website are really beautiful to look at. With, finding those pottery supplies you may be looking for is just a website visit away.

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