Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt. That's one of those topics that I found myself scribbling on some paper quite some time ago now where I thought to blah blog about at some point at a later date of when I find myself encountering one of those bloggers block pondering what to fill this blog with content sometimes in my attempt to maintain this blog whenever possible. And the Van Allen Belt is one of those topics. This term could be one of those conspiracy theories of a topic related to topics such as "Conspiracy theory, did we land on the moon?", "The Van Allen Legacy", ""The Van allen belt moon landing", "The Van Allen Belt Conspiracy", "The van allen radiation belt moon landing", "The van allen radiation belt moon hoax", "Man landing on the moon fake", "Man landing on the moon hoax", and a host of other titles this subject can go by. And so I found myself encountering this topic with a friend who mentioned how some man never landed on the moon decades ago. You know that "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind thing...". What? You mean I've been fooled by possibly the biggest George Orwellian brainwashing of Americans and the world fraud in history? The man on the moon was a fake? The 1969 Apollo moon landing was a hoax? Am I in outer space? How much fake patriotism encouragement can I take? And so this friend went on to say something about man can not survive past either the earth's or the moons magnetic, solar or radiation field, and that all of those photos of man on the moon where photo shopped up in some hollywood studio, with phoney shadows and lighting effects or something like that. And this friend also went on to say something about how come man hasn't flown to the moon since 1969 with the age of technology in these days and times. And how come there was no dust on the airplane, or spaceship that was used to fly to the moon when it returned to earth or landed on the moon or something like that. And how come there were no time delays in the radio broadcasts for that event. And something about this event was meant to boost patriotic moral and encouragement after the war during that time or something. And so this is a new one to me beyond comprehension. And if this possible conspiracy theory could be true, how come it is not mentioned in the media today. Is that bad for business and advertising? And what exactly is the Van Allen belt anyway? Does Wikipedia, that internet bible dictionary have an entry for this one. Does the internet have any discussions, discoveries, rants or raves about this topic. How long have I been in the dark? And now it seems as if the only discussion in the news concerning the moon is that NASA or man wants too use it as a crash target or something. And as far as I know, the moon hasn't done anything to harm man, for what reason would man want to harm the moon by crashing things into it. Have a great possible phony man landing on the moon day.

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