Thursday, August 21, 2008

News And Events

And as I find myself reading headlines of the day with titles such as "India nabs boy, 14, in iPod slay, Police look to screen every vehicle in New York for terrorism, In 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne design and began selling the Apple 1 computer at a price of $666.66, Mosquito's are responsible for more deaths annually than all other animals and human wars combined, Long Island teens apparently inspired by the violent video game "Grand Theft Auto" went on a robbery and crime spree, A Brooklyn church is buying guns off the street for $200 cash, no questions asked" and other interesting headlines too inumerous and horrendous to mention, I am still finding myself wondering what events are going on this weekend, even in the midst of what seems like the last days and the beginning of the end of society and the world and its morals when one reads the news. And so I thought to post some events because, hey, it's less writing sometimes.

And some good friends "Dubtronics" are playing some ambient electronica tonight at the Stain Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn if you happen to be in the neighborhood. And that Charlie Parker Jazz Festival seems to be happening this weekend as well at Marcus Garvey Park and Tompkins Square Park with artists such as the Barry Harris Trio, Charles McPherson, Vanessa Rubin, Rashied Ali, Robert Glasper, Randy Weston, Jerry Gonzalez and Fort Apache , Eric Lewis, Gretchen Parlato and more. And that New York Fringe Festival 2008 has been going on this past week as well with so many performances and show listings that it can take a while to see them all. And I imagine there must be an infinity more of events happening this weekend, and they are passing me by at the moment. Have a great event day.
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