Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On This Day

And on this day, I am still seeming to find myself stuck in how to fix those other blogs that I started a while ago that seem to be full of glitches at the moment, and how to figure out how to fix that blog problem I am seemingly forever trying to figure out. Is there an online tutorial for that? And some of the many headlines on this day say that the Pope Benedict XVI is in town for his birthday I guess. And he is of a German Catholic heritage, visiting that German catholic Church St. Joseph's in Yorkville, New York City. And then there are the German heritage, immigration, ministry and all things German articles that are popping up everywhere in his presence. And isn't there some rumor about there is one Pope left to pass away before the end of the world out there in internetland, or is that a whole another blog posting? Guten Tach.
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