Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Time

It's time. It's time to go to the gym for free. If you are a try and do the whole gym route for free with trial membership passes person like me, it's time to go to the gym again. This time it's New York Sports Clubs. I saw them out there on the street yesterday around 14th street and 6th avenue spinning that get your free one week trial membership wheel yesterday and sure enough I spun that wheel and got my free one week membership for all the free treadmills, stationary bikes, racquetball, tennis, track running ,weight lifting, stretching, personal training, exercise classes, mind, body and spirit, sauna and steam room, swimming and gymming I can get. And of course if daily life in New York is a workout already with of all the subway stair climbing, fifth floor walkup to my apartment and carrying those heavy grocery bags exercise routine then maybe you don't want or need that gym fitness exercise routine. And if you do, there is probably someone spinning that New York Sports Clubs wheel in a city near you. Have a great day.
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