Friday, July 20, 2007

I Need A Vacation

As I seem to be writing endlessly this past month, it's summertime. I could use a vacation and I am not exactly sure from what and to where. I was able to experience the world on the travel channel, Globe Trekker TV today for my cyber vacation and I went on a virtual reality vacation without having to leave home and travel through the mass sea of humanity in the surrounding area of this neighborhood. I was able to turn on the television and watch the travel channel and pretend I was travelling to the places I saw on TV. I visited lots of mountains and lakes and stayed in a lot of hostels and hotels and I even visited the Danish Christiana squat in Denmark, their community is freedom and utopia although they are oppressed by the polizei policies there. I saw a lot of the coolest rituals and places today, all through someone else's eyes. Wow, what an adventure I had today from the convenience of home, all for free. There are some good programs on TV despite the majority of television being crap. Now back to reality. Have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

“I don’t want to be lonely”

Anonymous said...

I've been missing traveling, too..

How come, when one feels like they finally have the life experiences to put things into perspective, there are always jobs/bills/responsibilities to attend to

(and therefore, it is hard to find the time or the money to travel??)