Friday, April 18, 2008

A Film Festival

Gee, I turn on the news on this day and it says that there was an earthquake in the midwest felt as far away as several surrounding states from which it was centered. And this seems to be considered as earth day nears, the effects of mother nature and its fury, or its natural changes of itself. And I am always scared of those natural disasters of planet mother earth with humanity on its surface. And in other thoughts, the entertainment headlines say that the Tribeca Film Festival is in town April 23 through May 4. The lower Manhattan event celebrating independent film. And here is a partial list of some of those film selections that will be shown as part of it, as this event seems as if it can be the end all to be all in the independent film world. And the list of film festivals goes on and on:

Butterfly, directed by Yulia Mahr. Eclipse, directed and written by Mark Lapwood,
For Tomorrow: The First Step of the Revolution, directed by Kenneth Kokin,Heaven on Earth (Himmel auf Erden), directed by Florian Riegel. Life for a Child, directed by Ed Lachman,My Mother Said (Kuna Ni Nanang), directed by Jessica Sison,Eau Boy, directed and written by Eric Gravel,I Think I Thought, directed and written by Matthew Modine,Irish Twins, directed and written by Rider Strong and Shiloh Strong,
Shift (15 Minuten Wahrheit), Directed and written by Nico Zingelmann,
Sikumi, directed and written by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean,The Tournament (Il Torneo), directed by Michele Alhaique, written by Federico Mazzei,When I Become Silent (Watashi ga chinmoku suru toki), directed and written by Hyoe Yamamoto, About Face, directed by Chad Maker,The Elephant Garden, directed and written by Sasie Sealy. Goldfish, directed and written by Joe Wein,Heartbeats (Hartslagen), directed by Vincent Coen and Sebastiaan Lagrou,Icebergs, directed and written by Germinal Roauxl,
Little Minx Exquisite Corpse: Rope a Dope, directed by Laurent Briet,Mamitas, directed and written by Nicholas Ozeki,Takoma Park, directed and written by David Andalman, 200000 Phantoms (Nijuman No Borei), directed by Jean-Gabriel Periot, Before the Tracks Are Lost On the Wind (2007 Ehe die Spuren verwehen), directed and written by Renate Günther-Greene,Launch, directed and written by Brian Doyle,Number One, directed by Leighton Pierce,Polar, directed by Scott Nyerges, At Day’s End, directed by Sherif El Bendary,Feathers to the Sky, directed and written by Leonardo Ricagni,Have You Ever Heard About Vukovar?, directed and written by Paolo Borraccetti,Kid, directed and written by Miguel Alvarez,Made in Slovenia, directed and written by Miran Zupanic,The Second Life of the Sugar Bowl (La deuxieme vie du sucrier), directed and written by Didier Canaux,Song of Slomon, directed by Emmanuel Shirinian, written by Amy Cameron,All Saints Day, directed by Will Frears, written by Brooke Berman,The Aviatrix, directed and written by Toddy Burton,God’s Beach, directed and written by Abigail Carpenter,John and Karen, directed and written by Matthew Walker,Moon Mermaid (Sirène de lune), directed by Psyché Piras and Sophie Collay, written by Piras,Rattlesnakes (Skröltormar), directed by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson, written by Huldar Breidfjord,Willingly, directed and written by Pazit Lichtman, Cupcake, directed and written by Sean McPhillips, Kirksdale, directed and written by Ryan Spindell, co-written by Bradford Hodgson, Last Time in Clerkenwell, directed and written by Alex Budovskyl, The Money Shot, directed by Aaron Rapke, written by Stewart Kaye and Rapke, Night Light, directed and written by Mark Mollenkamp, Skeletons in the Closet (Skelett i garderoben), directed and written by Ulrik Friberg, Supply and Demand (L'offre et la demande), directed and written by Frédéric Farucci, Zombie Gets a Date, directed and written by Leetal Platt, Ana’s Way (El Camino de Ana), directed and written by Richard Vazquez,Angels Die in the Soil (Fereshtegan Dar Khak Mimirand), directed and written by Babak Amini,Cargo, directed and written by Leo Woodhead, Good Boy (Bom Garoto), directed by Davyde Wachell and written by Vinicius Alexandrino, New Boy, directed and written by Steph Green, The New Yorkist, directed and written by Dana O’Keefe, The Year of the Pig (El año del cerdo), directed by Claudia Calderón, written by Leopoldo Nakata, Fernando de Peña, and Calderón, GIFT OF FIRE Nineteen (Obscure) Frames that Changed the World, directed by Ken Jacobs, Great Genius and Profound Stupidity, directed and written by Benita Raphan, Teslamania, directed and written by Joel Schlemowitz,
Being Human, directed and written by Mike Palermo, Coffee Break (Kaffepausen), directed by Johannes Pico, written by Lars Bang, Dusk (La Hora Cero), directed by Gary Alazraki, written by Guillermo Arriaga, God Only Knows, directed by Mark V. Reyes, written by Julie Oxendale and Reyes, Hesitation, directed and written by Virginia Gilbert, Roads, directed and written by Lior Geller, The Second Line, directed and written by John Magary, Baghdad Twist, directed by Joe Balass, Deconfliction, directed by Edward Tyndall, Mandatory Service, directed and written by Jessica Habie, Not Sacks, directed by Fiona Colins, Self-Portrait With Cows Going Home And Other Works — A Portrait Of Sylvia Plachy, directed by Rebecca Dreyfus, Tale of Two Bondage Models, directed and written by Brian Lilla, Yellow Sticky Notes, directed and written by Jeff Chiba Stearns, 7 Cities (7 Sehir), directed by Reza Hemmatirad, Beginning Filmmaking, directed and written by Jay Rosenblatt, Lost Girl, directed by Ali Taleb, So Beautiful (Zo mooi), directed by Stefan van de Staak, Suspended, directed by Bahar Behbahani and The Milky Way (Le litre de lait), directed by Luc Moullet,

And here are some of their music performers to be heard:

Tribeca/ASCAP Music Lounge to feature Nick Lowe, Regina Spektor, Sia, Jon Foreman, Joseph Arthur, Ingrid Michaelson, Sondre Lerche, Rachael Yamagata, Jack Savoretti, Small Mercies, Augustana, Chris Thile, Brett Dennen, Jessie Baylin, Lizz Wright and more. Plus, Music Supervisor Alexandra Patsavas returns to curate ‘Breaking the Band, an exclusive live music showcase featuring The Hold Steady, The Virgins, and Republic Tigers.

The 2008 Festival line-up will feature numerous films that showcase music and musicians, including 90 Miles The Documentary, featuring Gloria Estefan, Lou Reed’s Berlin, and Celia the Queen, featuring the late Celia Cruz.

Additional films that feature musicians and music include:

• 90 Miles The Documentary (90 Millas El Documental), directed by Emilio Estefan, written by Jose Maldonado and Estefan. (USA) - New York Premiere, Documentary. A fascinating look at Gloria Estefan as she records her latest album, 90 Millas, which pays tribute to the history of Latin music. With appearances ranging from legendary Latin musicians such as Arturo Sandoval, Chocolate Armenteros, and Israel Lopez Cachao to contemporaries Sheila E., Carlos Santana, and Pit Bull. Followed by a special talk with Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Johnny Pacheco and special guests.
• Celia the Queen, directed by Joe Cardona and Mario De Varona, written by Cardona. Documentary. Azucar! The voice of Celia Cruz, Featuring interviews with Quincy Jones, Andy Garcia, and Wyclef Jean.
• Lou Reed’s Berlin, directed by Julian Schnabel. New York Premiere, Documentary. In 2006, artist/filmmaker Julian Schnabel took to the stage at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn to introduce a concert 33 years in the making: Lou Reed, playing his Berlin song cycle live for the first time.
• Old Man Bebo, directed by Carlos Carcas.
• Playing for Change: Peace Through Music, directed by Jonathan Walls and Mark Johnson.
• The 27 Club, directed and written by Erica Dunton.
• War Child, directed by C. Karim Chrobog.

Have a great film, music and art day. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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