Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders at a Tompkins Square Park Concert

Okay, so as far as I know, Bernie Sanders isn't really going to be at that May Day PUNK Show at Tompkins Square Park event May 1st. It's just that with all this #Berniemania campaigning going on, and a bazillion and more Bernie Sanders rallies, concerts, subway rides, Victory Pow Wows, marches, parties, planning parties, brunches, canvassing, bus riding, actions, Bernstorming, presentations and more Berniemania events going on , and the debates and primaries just days away, I thought to put Bernie Sanders in the title of this blagh post just to catch your attention so that you can make it to that 1st Tompkins Square Park concert of the year to be found in that neighborhood of the East Village to be found in that city of New York if you happen to be in the neighborhood. And Chris Flash and The Shadow had that  TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK (POLICE) RIOT 27TH ANNIVERSARY SHOWS in the park last year and a bunch of other riot reunion concerts at Tompkins Square Park before that.  Well what I kind of really meant was at least DecorForU is planning to be there with Bernie jewelry and will be vending those Bernie SandersBlack Lives Matter, Occupy Wall StreetThe Shadow and Tompkins Square Park necklaces, key chains and magnets for one dollar each at this May Day event.  And in case you have been stuck in the stone age or hiding out under a rock or something, Bernie Sanders is running for president as part of those United States presidential elections 2016. And Bernie Sanders For President! And so back to that Tompkins Square Park Concert. And that Facebook event invite reads something like as follows:

May Day PUNK Show at Tompkins Square

Sunday May 1 at 2pm - 7pm in EDT

Tompkins Square Park
330 East 10th Street, New York, New York 10009

☆☆ FREE show ☆☆


• Comrades
• Jennifer Blowdryer
• Night Rite
• Pink Lips (featuring PeeWee of ICU)
• The Wurst
• Skitzopolis
• SPIKE Polite and Sewage NYC

Starts at 2pm and goes on 'till 7pm. Come and enjoy the performers and speakers in YOUR F**KING PARK!!

(There will be info tables, band merch, and the latest issues of the SHADOW and Time Warp on sale, as well...)

We'll have a real coooool time ☆

And No Police State Girl is planning on singing that No Police State song at this all things No Police State and more event also. And it seems that more performers and speakers will be added to that show as that May Day day nears. Squat The World. Housing is a Human Right. And what if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.  Have a great Bernie Sanders, May Day PUNK Show at Tompkins Square concert day and more. Hope to see you there.
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Monday, March 14, 2016

A House Of Yes Shwick Market

And even when that Google Page Rank Update still wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job for when that get rich internet quick does not get rich internet quick, I still find myself blaghing about events, events, and more events on this blog. And so I have been attempting to vend that DecorForU jewelry to try and sell those #blacklivesmatter and #berniesandersforpresident! necklaces, I guess. And so in that latest attempt to sell that handmade jewelry, I came across that Shwick Spring Market Facebook event invite in facebookland that read something like:

A Crop of Creative Makers Bringing You The Freshest Product


Join us at the House of YES as we host a bunch of creative makers of all sorts of stuff, from clothes to toys, jewelry, food, art and more!

Groove to Tunes by Sam Rad

Some of the makers...

Sunflower Pipes
Color Me Chad LLC
Pierre's Spicy
SAS Quiltz and other stuff.
Peppa Jewelry
Michael Krasowitz
Strange Vixens Inc
Scavenger Shop by SL
Bread x Butta
Graff Names
Tuxedo Cat Designs
Lovely Sunday
OOO Foods
Jeni Lynn Arts
Shino NYC
Cee Cee's Closet NYC
Zen Art & Design, Inc.
Metrix Jewelry
Taproot Organics
Lorraine Khalil
Divya Candles
Bottle Charms
Made Here
Legalize Your Mind
Brick and Hoarder
Decor For You
Schizophrenic NYC
Andrew Andrew
Revolt Vintage
Reiki Healing by Nicole
3D Brooklyn
Michael Krasowitz
Mousei Bear

And so I applied for one of those sidewalk tables and paid that vendors fee to sell at that Shwick Spring Market in hopes that it wouldn't rain and you would make that vendors fee back in sales on that day you decided to vend on the sidewalk in front of House of Yes, the coolest art space and performance venue ever that seems to be all burlesque and beyond to be found in that rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Bushwick Brooklyn, now called East Williamsburg or Billyburgwick or something like that, for real estate marketing purposes maybe, to be found in that city of New York. And if I must blogger say, those artist markets, or flea markets of just markets where people vend, rock, with all of the handmade arts and crafts and designer stuff to be found.  And according to Markets of New York City, there appears to be no end to these kind of markets in New York City.  And what else is there that I can say about vending and markets that has not already been said in vendors and market time as in those photos and videos from that Shwick Spring Market that find themselves posted above, I am not exactly sure, except have a great market day and more. 
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Rally To Shut Down Rikers Island

And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day one thousand and something, I think.  And Occupy Wall Street and that all things police brutality and beyond movement Black Lives Matter, are still moving fast. And in case you haven't heard, the Calls To Close Down Rikers Island Are Getting Louder to where even government officials are addressing the topic of closing down Rikers Island.  And in case you have been hiding out under a rock or stuck in the stone age and haven't heard again, Rikers Island is this infamous prison, or jail, located in New York City that can be compared to Abu Ghraib, a torture chamber, a concentration camp, a place with no oversight, where you have to worry for your life from the guards more so than the prisoners themselves. And Rikers Island was named after Richard Riker, who sent bounty hunters to the south to collect slaves. And a modern day slave plantation Rikers Island is. And so there has been a March to Shut Down Rikers Island protest, a A Rise Up October Rikers Island Protest and other protests held recently around Shutting Rikers Island Down.  And so just yesterday, Campaign to Shut Down Rikers held a Rally at Mayor de Blasios office to #ShutDownRikers! at New York City Hall to Shut down Rikers.   Justice for Kalief Browder. And that Facebook event invite for this event read something like:

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has called closing Rikers a "good concept" but that we need to "get real"...while he authorizes $1 billion per year to run a racist torture chamber infamous for its culture of violence: Rikers Island jail complex. 

For the 11,000 people locked up on Rikers, "getting real" means an immediate end to solitary confinement, the immediate shutdown of Rikers, and full divestment of the city's $1 billion from mass incarceration. Instead, our campaign demands investments into our communities in the form of community-based social services, mental health care, rehabilitation, and due process protections.

Recent debate among elected officials about shutting Rikers shows—finally—acknowledgment of govt. responsibility for failing practices within the criminal (in)justice system. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito have voiced support for closing Rikers Island, a jail notorious for countless acts of brutality and bloodshed at the hands of correction officers. 90% of people detained on Rikers are Black or Brown, 80% could walk free if they had bail money, and 85% are awaiting trial or their next court appearance, not convicted of any crime. 40% of people held there suffer from mental health issues and need care not cages. Rikers has failed the people of NYC for far too long.
Join Akeem Browder, brother of Kalief Browder, and the Campaign to Shut Down Rikers:

Tuesday, February 23rd at 9 AM
City Hall - East side entrance at Park Row

Bill de Blasio: There is nothing unrealistic about shutting down Rikers. The time to close the racist torture chamber called Rikers Island is now!

Endorsed by (in aphabetical order): ICE FREE NYC, Incarcerated Nation Corp., International Socialist Organization (NYC), Millions March NYC, New Yorkers Against Bratton, NY Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement, NYC Jails Action Coalition, NYC Shut It Down, People's Power Assembly NYC, and more TBA
#ShutDownRikers #Justice4Kalief #BlackLivesMatter

And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Puffin Black History Month Art Show

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day one thousand and something, I think. And Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, that all things police brutality and beyond movement are still moving fast. And so in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible, I found myself at a Conversations, Puffin Celebrates Black History Month art exhibit just yesterday in that city, or is it a town, of Teaneck to be found in that state of New Jersey. And as one of those all things #blacklivesmatter people and #occupyart people, this art show and opening reception seemed to be all things Black Lives Matter and more. And what a great day it was to venture to this exhibit throughout my travels here on planet earth.  And some of those photos from this event that I got out of that camera before it decided that it wanted to fall to the floor and break, find themselves posted above,  And according to that Facebook event invite that was created for this event, it read something like as follows:

Hi everyone,

I will have #blacklivesmatter artwork and also a "Your Thoughts On Black Lives Matter" banner for your thoughts on Black Lives Matter as part of Puffin Cultural Forum's "Conversations" exhibit for anyone who can make it.

Conversations, Puffin Celebrates Black History Month at Puffin Cultural Center, February 19th, 7pm. 20 Puffin Way, Teaneck, NJ 

The participating artists are: Lehna Huie, Ify Chiejina, Carla Cubit, Andrea Cauthen, Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki, Patrick Dougher, Kern Bruce, Michael Markman, Curtis Grayson, and TAFA.

We take a hard look at the tumultuous dialogue on race, progress, and lack thereof through the visions of contemporary Black artists. Curated by artist and curator Lehna Huie and Puffin Cultural Forum’s Andrew Lee, Conversations presents a mosaic of expressions, ideas, and emotions embedded in the social issues, news headlines, and political movements of our time. Exhibition features many artworks newly created and exhibited for the first time. On view February 19 to March 31.

Free Event
Reservations Not Required

Doors open at 6:30pm.

There will be a brief panel discussion with the artists and a musical performance will close out the evening.

The Puffin Cultural Forum is an intimate art and performance space located 10 minutes from the GW Bridge in NJ. We are a project of the Puffin Foundation, which is a family non-profit foundation that engages in funding projects to promote the Arts and Activism. The Forum is the local community face of the Puffin Foundation. We hold concerts, lectures, film screenings, and on our walls we install exhibitions that
convey meaning and touch on social, historical, political issues.

And Puffin is having more events throughout this month of Black History, many more and beyond according to their calendar. And one of  those events that seems to be all things #blacklivesmatter and beyond is:

Mark Engler

February 27, 8:00pm.

Puffin presents a new series of talks and presentations by authors from the Nation Institute. Co-author of “This is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt is Shaping the 21st Century,” Mark Engler explores the “craft” of uprising and how they change the world. From protests around climate change, Occupy, Arab Spring, & #BlackLivesMatter, a new generation is unleashing strategic nonviolent action to shape public debate and force public change. Uprising shows how nonviolence can be deployed as a method of political conflict, disruption and social transformation. Mark Engler is an author and journalist based in Philadelphia. He is an editorial board member at Dissent, a contributing editor at Yes! Magazine, and a senior analyst with Foreign Policy In Focus, a network of foreign policy experts.

$10 Suggested Donation
Reservations Recommended-

Doors open at 7:30pm. Reservations held until 7:45pm.

Have a great Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Art day and more.
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