Sunday, March 24, 2024

An Atlantic City Trip

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And I guess this blagh post could be considered a photo dump as I attempt to post some of those photos from some of those trips to Atlantic City, New Jersey and those rides that I have taken on those Atlantic City Jitneys that I have taken in the past months or so where one can find $6.99 bottles of what should be .25 cents or $1.00 water and ridiculously overpriced food at it's casino restaurants and hotels of Tropicana, Caesars, Hard Rock, Borgata, Golden Nugget, Harrah's, Ocean, Ballys, Showboat and Resorts with sometimes an attempt to vend that black lives matter jewelry on the boardwalk in between throughout my travails here on planet earth.

And as I read and listen to the current headline news of the day, somewhere in between migrant invasions in the western worldplannedemics and gog and magog wars, and an impending April 8th solar eclipse with twitter posts that read something like:

April 8th Solar Eclipse & Islam. “Sign of Jonah” 7 years completion.
"The eclipse on April 8th 2024 together with the previous eclipse of 2017 form an X, which biblically is called "The Ancient Tav" A Hebrew Sign of God. "
"This has "Age of Pisces" all over it.
"Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights"
Some people think this April 8th solar eclipse will be a 3 day event.
The X on the image below covers the map just like the April 8th solar eclipse that will cover 8 cities named after Nineveh on that day. The last eclipse covered seven cities named after Salem. Which also occurred in April 21st 2017. '
The Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 is going to be connected to the scriptures
8 of the states that I’ll pass through have “Nineveh” before it and the last state ( New York ) have “Jonah” in it
The Solar Eclipse will also pass through the “WHALE” constellation
A Warning?"

 I still find myself waiting for the fifth trumpet and the sixth trumpet to sound. 

There are no words I can think of to end this blog post on this day except peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

Friday, February 9, 2024

Damn... It ain't 2012 yet!

Dear blog,

Today is a Chinese Luna New Year as I edit this blog post.

"In China, 2024 is the “year of the dragon”.  Also the symbol of the CCP, the beast system that is powered by the dragon. Also one of the central figures in the book of Revelations during the great tribulation."

I have written, or have reposted this passage below before sometime in years past on this blagh. It's just that every time I search "No Police State Girl" on Facebook it comes up as having posted it on Facebook before sometime in years past.

And even though the plannedemic, and waiting for the sixth trumpet to sound for the Gog and Magog war and the migrant invasion in the western world is the news of the day, this passage still seems to be relevant in an attempt to maintain web 2.0 user generated content for this blagh and my other blog whenever bloggers block possible.

Damn... It ain't 2012 yet!
They tried to sell me out the day I was born… injecting me with disease thru vaccination…
Yet I survive.
They tried to mentally beat me into submission, telling me that asking questions was a bad behavior… prescribing Ritalin, holding back grades…
Yet I am stronger through the education of life after conquering their system
They tried to suppress my individuality, condemn my sexuality, sell my self-image to me as a damaged fallacy…
Yet I love me more the more I get to know.
They tried to bar me from my brothers… teaching us to kill each other not only with guns and violence- but indifference and resentment, hatred and lust.
Yet, I love them more than ever with every atrocity and victory- because I understand.
They tried to blame my people for our current state, knowing that the corruption of this system is the real issue…
Yet, I still admire the resilience of a spirit in the smile of Harlem, Tuskegee, Atlanta, Africa that just won’t die…
They tried to teach me to fear and hate white people…
They tried to mask the Latino community as inferior…
They tried to de-sexualize Asians…
They tried to paint Indians as nerdy and un-cool…
They tried to paint Middle Easterns as terrorist…
They tried to de-humanize African’s as impoverished ignoramuses
They tried to say that African American’s were no good.
Yet when I look at the various array of beautiful friends and lovers that I embrace from ALL of these cultures, none of these stigmas reign true.
They tried to kill is with Polio, then poison us with cancer thru its vaccine
They killed over 150 black men with Syphilis, experimenting its affects 40 years after a “cure” was found
They are taking new born babies not even 12 hours old and administering “vaccine” shots to them with drugs that the FDA has tried to ban from animal vaccines…coincidentally autism in new borns is skyrocketing.
They are producing a new influenza virus every year, then selling shots to us
They are releasing air borne germs thru pollution
They are poisoning our foods with hormones
They are lacing our vitamins with drugs
They are taking our troops and using them as human guinea pigs- shooting them up with inoculations of drugs with unknown side affects; holding them up in VA hospitals using them as human experiments for their sick, graduated 6th grade science project agendas…
They injected gay men in NYC and San Francisco as well as black people in Africa with a Hepatitis B “vaccine” in the late 70’s that killed the same monkeys that they tested it on who supposedly started the spread of “AIDS” in NYC, San Francisco, and Africa in the mid 80’s.
There is nothing new under the sun
History only repeats itself
There is no issue without resolve… There is no disease without cure as sure as there is gravity.
There is man made law…
There is chemical war fare
This AIDS is a lie
This HIV is a lie
There is no virus… there is propaganda and fear.
There are people too emotional to look at logic with common sense and see the truth.
There are people willing themselves to die because they BELIVE they are going to die, thus giving up on life.
There is masonry and illuminati, and all types of other crazy shit.
There are gangsters… the real ones wearing lab coats and goggles, three piece business suits swearing “Justice For All” while standing on certain peoples shoulders… Piggy back riding injustice all the way to the bank…
Swearing “Justice For All” on The Bible, promoting perjury while condemning dishonesty when that is what this whole system is built on.
The greed of man is amazing… The lust for these worldly possessions profuse.
Don’t they know that none of it means anything?
There are misunderstandings
There is mind manipulation.
There is evil… so much of it that I sometimes feel overwhelmed.
Yet, I do not despair…
Not when I see you smile.
Not when I see you laugh.
Not when I see you loving each other.
Not when I see you sharing.
I will not despair…
Because any force dumb enough to think it can con the God in us is a fool so supreme that the joke is already on them.
The wicked is laughable… They have no power.
Don’t they know we are unbreakable?
Don’t they know that we will not be used for their agenda?
Don’t they know that it is time to get it together?
When there is Haiti and Chile, 911, and Katrina- not even within a full decade span of each other?
It has arrived…
It is already unraveling… and the information is too easy to access.
They monitor text and facebook messages, listen to our cell phone calls… They know your ip address, look out for key words, trace everything you google, have copies of all of your emails… Mapquest registers your whereabouts, hopstop traces your steps… Bank account and credit transactions from online ordered services logged and reported… not to mention that we already post our inner most thoughts and feelings all over social networking sites.
Your whole life is LITERALLY in the palm of your hand via Blackberry and Iphone from which you obtained off of your social security number… Hope you don’t lose it…
There is no more mystery… no privacy.
Yet it means nothing because we’re all talking about the same things.
Yet it means nothing because it’s still relative… viral technology works both ways. We can be monitored, yet…
Internet fucked up your crooked music and entertainment industry
Your television is becoming obsolete, your movies are hawked for free…
Your agendas are being ignored… independence is being born due to the lack of control that can be implemented…
We can’t all be controlled… and we are no longer oppressed by LACK OF EDUCATION
Networks share information… and people are making love without shame or fear, experimenting with the highs of life on their own will, people are eating better, people are not ashamed to be weird, gay, artistic, confused…
People okay with not being okay…
Not looking for the answers in…
We don’t need your cures.
People are okay with being… PEOPLE.
Don’t they know it has arrived?
When we ALL know that our votes don’t count…
When we all know that there is no iron fist, there are no records…
Just fear in the injustice of man…
Don’t they know that it isn’t real?
Do you know that it isn’t real?
The only real thing is love.
Do what you want and love as hard as you can, and please READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES… this life is too short and the world as we know it is ending.

Monday, December 25, 2023

A Fly - O - Art & Carla Holiday Market!

It is Christmas as I type this blog post, the day of Christ or Jesus Christ's day of birth, a few days until a new year according to that Gregorian calendar. A 123123 years end has rolled around here on planet earth and Israel is still at war as Jesus is in rubble and Christmas is Cancelled in Bethlehem, Jesus birthplace , there are "Free Gaza" protests happening on a seemingly daily basis in the New York City area and I am wondering if it is still a Dark Winter 2023.

And so this Fly - O - Art & Carla Holiday Market! in that city of New York, that finds itself posted in those photos and videos above, has also been a Morus Holiday Market that I have found myself vending at in years past, also turned into a Fly E bike story for Fly Orr who found herself posting on her Instagram page a few days before the holiday market:

Broken wrist. Got run over today. I mean yesterday by an E bike that took me down and then took off. Spent about seven hours in the ER before they finally put a cast on me. I am smiling because I am happy to be home finally but the pain is pretty bad. I can definitely say though that getting hit by an E bike is less painful than getting run over by an SUV so. .. There’s that. Six weeks they say. Ugh… I am doing my big annual holiday art sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Carla at the museum of reclaimed urban space. I have new Zine hot off the press. And some other cool stuff. But I left too much to the last minute, so it’s going to be, hard to get it all finished. Please come by the Art sale and say hi or just hang out or buy a new Zine or some cool holiday cards etc. I would really love to see my peoples.

And if I could rant and rave, I would reply to that e bike story that "These DoorDash, Grubhub and delivery for speed apps suck. I wish someone would get rid of these ebikes and scooters. They are a menace to society, outpacing cars for pedestrian injuries. I am scared to walk down the street because of them. These ebikes are not regulated and should require licenses and insurance for them, and that's not even including the lithium battery fires they are causing.'

And so the Facebook event invite for this event reads something like:

Join us. Fly - O - Art & Carla Holiday Market! Holiday ( & Any Day). Hand - stamped & signed greeting cards....Zines, Pins, Books, T-Shirts, Jewelry, CDs, etc... + Fly-O-Art Prints... & some free stuff!!
Lotsa MoRUS Merch!
Friday. Dec 22. Sat. Dec 23. & Sun. Dec. 24. 1-6pm at Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space - MORUS

And thank you Frank Morales, for taking those "Manhattan" and "Money"  boxes out of my closet that's been sitting there for years, and thank you Fly's friend for buying that "Death Tarot Card" box that's been sitting in the closet for years. And thank you Katie and Elana for buying one of those Tompkins Square Park and Washington Square Park t shirts. Your Survival Without Rent film is really cool.

And then there is a Facebook photo from Frank Gonzalez that I came across in facebookland that reads:

Please join us for the first annual New Year's Eve Brunch at the Loisaida CommUnity Office. Special thanks to Kareem Holmes Big City Tourism Loisaida Realty lescommunityconcerns19 & LES Small Biz Alliance #LESsba #NewYearsBrunch #CommUnity


We understand the holidays and New Year's can be hard for most people. If you like a free meal and some good company. Please feel free to join us for the first annual New Year's Eve Brunch at the Loisaida CommUnity Office. Special thanks to our sponsors @bigcitytourism @bigcityreem1 @loisaidarealty @lescc19 & @les.sba #TY #LESsba #NewYears #Brunch #LES #CommUnity

Every picture tells a story. One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever. The only thing constant is change and some stories do not end as you expect. We are still living in crazy times. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.